Posting Date: August 24, 2023
Please apply by October 1, 2023
Open until filled.

Job Description – ROAD CREW


The Town of Panton encompasses 22 square miles with 21. 47 miles of  Town-maintained roads, 2.76 miles of State highway and has approximately 700 residents.

 Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

The Highway Department, under the direction of the Road Foreman, is responsible for all town roads, including surface maintenance, drainage, and run-off management. Summer maintenance includes grading, road-side mowing and tree/shrub trimming, storm clean-up, culvert replacement, ditching, and paving. The Town also has a town beach with a boat ramp and dock that the Highway Department maintains. Winter road maintenance includes plowing, salting, and sanding. Maintenance of town vehicles and equipment used for road maintenance is a year-round requirement.

This position reports to the Road Foreman and requires experience with most aspects of highway and bridge maintenance, equipment operation and maintenance, job safety, mechanical ability, record keeping, communication skills, and any other tasks assigned by the Road Foreman and/or Selectboard and/or Town Clerk.

Essential Qualifications: 

  • Possess and maintain Vermont CDL.
  • Ability to operate town highway equipment.
  • Experience with plow and wing, sanding, and salting operations.
  • Ability to carry out written or oral instructions from the Road Foreman, Selectboard, and Town Clerk.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment when carrying out duties and to maintain good working relationships with the public.
  • Carry out regular maintenance of equipment.
  • Some experience with paving and paving materials and practices, bridge maintenance, drainage, and culvert construction.
  • Maintain all required licenses or certifications required to perform the job.

Welding skills are highly desirable.


$25/hour - $27/hour DOE. The Road Crew position is non-exempt, based on a forty (40) hour week of four (4) ten (10) hour days, usually worked Monday through Thursday.1 The Road Foreman and/or Selectboard must approve any deviations from this standard week. Bi-weekly time sheets must be filled out in ink and submitted to the Road Foreman or Town Clerk at the end of the pay period as required by Federal law, before receiving a paycheck. The time sheet will include a record of all time worked including the time work commenced and ended.

The overtime pay rate is time and one-half (1.5) the Road Crew’s regular pay rate and is earned only after 40 hours worked in a standard work week (Saturday through Friday).

All Town Employees are paid on a biweekly basis.

 Benefits: 1

  • Health Insurance: Town pays full premium for the employee. Additional family members may be enrolled at the employee’s expense.
  • Dental Insurance: Town pays full premium for the employee. Additional family members may be enrolled at the employee’s expense.
  • Vision Insurance Town pays full premium for the employee. Additional family members may be enrolled at the employee’s expense.
  • Life/Disability Insurance: Town pays full premium for $10,000 coverage for the employee.
  • Vermont Municipal Employees’ Retirement Systems (VMERS) Group C participation is a condition of employment and contributions begin upon date of hire.
  • PTO is earned as follows:
    • First year of service = 88 hours PTO, earned and accrued at 3.38 hours per pay period
    • Second through sixth year of service = 128 hours PTO, earned and accrued at 4.92 hours per pay period
    • Seventh through thirteenth year of service = 168 hours PTO earned at 6.46 hours per pay period
  • Holidays:
    • The Town recognizes nine (9) official holidays and grants Highway Department employees three (3) floating holidays per year. Road Crew receives ten (10) hours of pay for each holiday. If an employee works on the date of an actual holiday, for example Christmas Day, December 25, the pay rate is twice the regular hourly rate.

Terms of Employment:

The Road Crew is appointed by the Selectboard upon recommendation of the Road Foreman after interviews and reference checks. Compensation and benefits are set by the Selectboard and governed by Personnel Policy.1 A six (6) month probationary period is a condition of employment.

  • Skills and Requirements:
    • CDL with endorsements and a clean driving record.
    • The Road Crew is expected to be available as needed for storm response/snow removal from November through March. Time off requests during this period shall be at the Road Foreman’s discretion.
    • Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks such as bending, lifting, carrying, digging, etc., in all weather conditions.
    • Advanced mechanical skills a plus.

The Road Crew is expected to work overtime as needed to keep Town roads passable year-round.

An annual evaluation may be conducted within thirty (30) days of the end of the fiscal year to review performance of the Road Crew and determine opportunities for growth. This evaluation will provide the Road Crew an opportunity to suggest process improvements as well as respond to the evaluation.

The Road Crew is expected to request Paid Time Off (PTO) time at least two weeks before the requested days off when more than two consecutive working days are requested.

Use of town property, equipment, materials or supplies for private purposes requires prior written authorization from the Selectboard.

Use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while on duty for the Town of Panton will be considered grounds for immediate termination.

Road Crew is expected to provide at least two weeks written notice if resigning their position.


 Three (3) years’ experience with heavy equipment operation, road construction, and road maintenance.


High school education or equivalent.

To be considered, please complete an application or send a resume  and a cover letter.

By mail to:
Town of Panton
Road Crew Position
3176 Jersey Street
Panton, VT 05491

Or by email to: clerk-treasurer@pantonvt.us.

1  General employment policies are set forth in the town Personnel Policy, which is provided to employees at the time of hire. The Selectboard reserves the right to amend any of the provisions of the Personnel Policy for any reason, at any time, with or without notice. The Selectboard also retains the right to modify or amend the terms of employment at any time and for any reason, including unilaterally eliminating a position and thus terminating employment, reducing the work hours for some or all employees due to economic necessity, shortage of work, organizational efficiency, changes in departmental functions, reorganizing or reclassifying positions resulting in the elimination of a position, or for other reasons without limitation.