Land Records

The vault at Panton Town Hall contains land records dating back to the Town's charter in 1761. The earliest books contain records of elections, property taxes, deeds, births, and deaths. These records are available for public examination by appointment during regular Town Hall hours.

Panton's land records from March 1 1972 to present are now available in digital form online. PLEASE NOTE THAT RECORDS CONTAINED IN BOOK 37 & BOOK 38 ARE NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. Please schedule research time at Town Hall for records that may be contained in those books. (July 2013 to May 2018.)  
To access the online records:

Once at the land records site, you may view and view records at no charge. If you choose to print records from the site, you must purchase a subscription, which is the right to print documents, as well as pay the standard $1.00/page fee for land records copies. The subscription fee offsets what the Town pays the digital service provider.