Appraisal Research Committee

At the July 13, 2021 Selectboard meeting, the Selectboard established the Appraisal Research Committee (ARC) to research and understand the components and value calculations that inform the annual Grand List. 

ARC objectives:

  1. To share the committee's findings about the appraisal process with the Selectboard and Town Clerk-Treasurer,
  2. To create a page on the Town's website that explains the process in a lay person's terms.
Other objectives may be proposed by the ARC for the Selectboard's approval. 

At the November 9, 2021 Selectboard meeting, the Selectboard charged the ARC to find an appraiser to conduct a town-wide reappraisal. The ARC created a Request For Proposals that was published on November 29, 2022. The RFP can be read here.

ARC members: 
Maggie Catillaz
Bob Groff
Paula Moore
Paul Sokal
​David Sullivan

The ARC completed the objectives set forth by the Selectboard and was disbanded at the May 24, 2022 Selectboard meeting.

Click here to read the ARC Report to the Selectboard. 

Click here to read the ARC Appraisal Process Q & A.