Reserve Town Hall Meeting Space

The upstairs meeting space at Panton Town Hall is available for club gatherings, parties, and other events when the space is not in use for Town business. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first-served basis. Capacity is limited to 70 people and there are no kitchen facilities. Call the Town Office to reserve the space. (802) 475-2333. 

Use of Panton Town Hall meeting space is available with the following terms:

  • Panton Town Staff will provide a key to the back door to the responsible person and go over the unlocking and locking of doors, location of light switches, the use of the heat pumps, and available tables and chairs.
  • Before you set up for your event, note how the furniture and other items in the space are arranged. It is your responsibility to return the room to the same set up following your event.
  • Tables and chairs: The Town has two 8-ft tables with covers, one 6-ft table with cover, and 12 cushioned chairs available for use. If you remove the table covers for your event, you are expected to put them back on following your event. If you get the table covers dirty, you are expected to clean, return, and put them back on the tables within two days of your event. If you damage covers, you will be expected to pay for their replacement. There are also approximately 60 metal folding chairs stored on shelves outside of the bathroom that you may use. If you use metal chairs, you are expected to return them to the racks. You may use outside tables and chairs provided they do not damage the hardwood floor and they are brought in and removed promptly with your event.
  • Climate control: The heat pumps can be adjusted for comfort during your event. In summer months, all heat pumps should be turned off following your event. In the winter, both heat pumps on the south wall should be turned off. The single heat pump on the north wall should be set to 61° and left on. The ceiling fans can be used to create airflow. Please turn them off when you leave.
  • Clean-up: It is your responsibility to remove all garbage and recycling generated at your event. You will find a vacuum and mop in the bathroom. You are expected to vacuum and mop the floors following your event. Doorway mats should also be vacuumed. Please be certain the bathroom is tidy. In the winter, make sure the bathroom door is left open to help prevent frozen pipes.
  • Locking up: Turn off all lights and the ceiling fans. Make sure the front door is latched and the panic bar is in the locked position. Make sure the panic bar on the door at the handicap ramp is in the locked position. DO NOT deadbolt this door. Make sure the back door panic bar is in the locked position and that the deadbolt is also locked using the key.
  • Return the key: put the key you were given in the “Official Panton Dropbox” in front of the flagpole in front of the building.
  • Failure to leave the meeting space as specified will result in being charged $100.00 for cleaning/re-set.
  • Failure to return the key will result in being charged for having all the locks re-keyed.