Lakeshore Private Water Association

Although Vergennes Panton Water District (VPWD) provides water as a commodity to most properties in Panton, in many cases the water infrastructure (pipes and valves) were installed and are owned by private associations. The Lakeshore Private Water Association consists of properties primarily along Lake Road from the Addison border at the south end and Allen Road at the north end and then easterly along Allen Road to the intersection with Jersey Street.

Line Location Map created November 2023

This map is not a professionally created document.  It was prepared by water line users to provide a better understanding of the line’s location and that of the curb stop shut-off valves serving each connected residence. It was enabled by a navigational phone app that provides satellite imagery with an overlay of property boundaries (approximate).

  • A series of location pins have been added which are color coded.
    Royal blue pins indicate the exact location of the residential curb stop valves.  In all cases a GPS pin was laid on the map after standing directly over each curb stop.  The corresponding GPS coordinates are expected to be reliable.
  • Green pins reference the two known line gate valves that can shut off water in the main line.
  • The single Aqua colored pin, to the east end of Allen Road, notes the “meter pit” where this private line connects to the Vergennes-Panton supply line.
  • Red pins represent approximate way points along the line.  Because the pipe is buried and was installed in about 1988 by Larry Miner (his recollection) line location has been approximated based on soil settlement depressions, the knowledge of various landowners and by Larry Miner (original installer) and Jeff Stone, a knowledgeable former representative of the municipal water district. The red pins only reference the main supply line to the curb stops, not connecting lines from the curb stops to homes.

In several cases the location of the line is uncertain. For example, across the ravine from the Masback property (#15) to the Mendelson property (#16) and from Staton Drive up to the curb stop on the Diego property (#5) line locations are open to speculation.

Larry Miner, who installed the line, states that the line is three inch “SDR 21”, “class 200”, all the way to each residential outside curb stop. 

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